The Photo Gallery - Fine Art Photography Koh Tao

Featuring the images of long time Koh Tao resident, Chris Clark, above and below the water, taken across Thailand with a strong bias towards Koh Tao.

As a photographer since childhood, The Gallery has been Chris’ life dream. He has compiled, and continuously updates, an exhibition of his local images portraying a new and unusual perspective of the island and beyond. Shot using both film and digital cameras, images from whale sharks to spherical landscape panoramas.

Prints are available for purchase, from postcards to massive custom installations. There is something at The Gallery for everyone to enjoy.

The Gallery is all about art

Fine Art Photography was the foundation of the entire concept of The Gallery Restaurant, and Wine Bar. If you are looking for a magnificent piece of photographic art for your house or office, or a souvenir of Koh Tao to remind you of your time here on our little paradise island, there is something to please every taste at The Gallery. The following is as selection of the available photographic prints.

Please contact us for size and pricing information.

The artist photographer, Chris Clark is the co-founder of The Gallery. Chris has been shooting pictures professionally, above and below the water, since he was a young lad. At The Gallery you will find the perfect Koh Tao souvenir from your holiday. Perhaps you would like to get some gift from Koh Tao to take home to family. Look no further, The Gallery has a large selection of beautiful prints prepared especially for you to carry home.

All the large prints are numbered and signed and shipped anywhere in the world.


For exceptional Koh Tao gifts or souvenirs of Koh Tao please come and see our extensive display of photographic prints ready for you tob take home. Taking shopping on Koh Tao to a whole new level.