Menu Introduction

Welcome to The Gallery Restaurant, Lounge & Wine Bar. At The Gallery we wish to provide you with a complete sensory experience throughout. With fine art photography on view, in Koh Tao’s first and only Photo Gallery, we are pleased to serve up a wide array of authentic Thai food with true aromatic seasoning and flavour. Traditional dishes created with only the finest cuts of meat, the freshest ingredients, and a large healthy dose of love, all presented in our fine dining, cosy little restaurant.

Traditionally, Thai food is served in homes across the country by bringing out one dish at a time, the family then enjoys the bonding experience of sharing a meal together and progressing through the various courses as one. Here at The Gallery we wish to offer you an insight into Thai culture as well as Thai cuisine. One point of culture that our chef has asked us to point out, is that the small spoons provided in each dish should be used to serve the food to ensure that rice from your plate does not taint the dish for the others at your table. In fact Thai people eat with their spoons in their right hands, not the forks, which are treated more like knives... so now you know. The majority of Thai food is generally not eaten with chop sticks.

In this menu you will find a selection of exclusive cocktails, designed right here. Our excellent, and ever evolving selection of wines have been carefully selected to compliment our cuisine, with the help of several wine experts, and plenty of personal ‘research’. We do our best to keep a full stock but please accept our apologies if your selection is temporarily unavailable, this is the nature of island life.

Please feel free to take your drink and explore the images in The Gallery, where you will also find the ladies and gents wash rooms as well as the stairs which lead to The, extremely luxurious, Gallery Lounge.

We are often asked about the culture of tipping; we would also like to inform you that we do not add any service charge; gratuity or tips are left up to you in the way that we believe it should be. We hope that you will be pleased with our level of service, and we trust that you will reward our much treasured family of staff accordingly so that we can avoid adding a service charge in the future. All tips inj full are shared between waiters, kitchen staff and cleaners, it makes a big difference to their lives.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask as you are now cherished guests in our family dining room, enjoy your meal.